Q: How can you offer both the hit counter and the detailed stats FREE of charge?

A: Our free hit counter and free hit statistics tools are paid for by businesses. When you place a counter on your site, you will need to place a little link to our advertiser's site. This way they get the traffic and branding benefits and you get to monitor your stats totally free of charge.

Q: What if your advertiser has an "objectionable" site?

A: We carefully review each advertiser's request for ad space. We ONLY work with "G" rated and respectable companies.

Q: What happens if I remove the link to your advertiser from my counter?

A: Your counter will stop working within 48 hours. So please keep the ad in place as that is not fair to our advertisers who have made it possible for you to get a free counter and hit statistics tool.

Q: Can I put your counter on my site?

A: You should be able to put our FREE hit counter on any site where you have access to the source code. It is a matter of copying and pasting the code we provide you into your site's source code.

Q: Can I use the hit counter in emails?

A: No of course not. In fact, spamming is against the law. So just don't do it.

Q: How do I install the counter code to my site?

A: Click here for details.

Q: I followed your instructions and now I see some funny code on my site. What did I do wrong?

A: You did not entirely copy and paste the code above the closing body tag of your site. Please select ALL of the counter source code then copy (Ctrl C) it. Next, open up your homepage using and html editor in the source mode. Look for the closing </body> tag and paste (Ctrl V) the counter source code directly above the </body> tag.

Q: I keep hitting refresh and my counter is not updating. Why?

A: You must have chosen unique page views when you selected your counter. You will need to re-do the counter set-up and this time choose page views, which will counter every hit to your site, not just unique visitors.

Q: My counter has stopped working. Why?

A: Somehow the link to our advertiser has been removed. Please do the counter set-up process again here.